Enterprise E-commerce Software Review


Review of Oracle Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions

When Oracle was being developed, it first became popular because of its great work in the information management industry. It was, and still is, one of the world’s leading software developer and seller.

When ecommerce became famous, almost competing with conventional shopping, Oracle also tried its luck in handling relational databases for enterprise ecommerce.

Fast forward to today, Oracle is now among the most trusted ecommerce platform. It boasts of B2B and B2C solutions, which makes it a great choice for bigger companies. Its software can easily be integrated into an ecommerce enterprise, and also offers customization options.

Why and how they have become one of the best, we tried to find out.

B2B Commerce

  • Simplifies buying process. They provide an easier shopping experience through a more direct navigation in the website. They feature a fuss-free system where shoppers can get through the checkout page fast, making customers delighted with how fast each transaction turns out to be.
  • Self-service processes.Thinking about their customers all the time is absolutely why Oracle stays at the top of the ecommerce ladder. They feature an integration that allows buyers to be the master of their own transaction. They control their pace, and can go through an online purchase transaction however they want it. This way, clients feel how much they are valued as this feature helps them ultimately.
  • Improve sales. Pleasing your customers offers a great rate of return of investment. When your ecommerce system improves their shopping experience without hassle, clients will naturally frequent your online store even more.
  • Features address B2B complexity. Oracle commerce keeps improving their systems to make it easy for their consumers. Their consumers always stay at the top of their list, always their number one priority. They keep on developing integrations that will address B2B complexity, so that online shoppers will not feel it all. They strive their hardest to simplify online transactions and make it easier for everyone involved, both businesses and customers.

B2C Commerce

  • Personalization-enabled store. Customize color schemes, fonts, and even layouts with Oracle’s software. It is highly customizable that will help you promote your brand even more. You can have it your own way and make the website for your store truly your own. It is a great way to market your business. When a website is visually aesthetic and pleasing, it will naturally drive more audience. You can even edit it to match your business’ ideals and sell your items more effectively.
  • SEO option. Now that branding and marketing campaigns are all done via the World Wide Web, it has become quite a necessity for any website to integrate search engine optimization (SEO). To know that a certain ecommerce store is marketable enough, it has to integrate SEO marketing.
  • With SEO comes analytics. This will be the basis if the SEO marketing tool your ecommerce store is using is effective at all. Analytics is a great tool to know if your business rightfully reaches its target markets. It will also provide you a deeper insight to what else should be improved for your business to reach its highest potentials.
  • Cross-selling and upselling.In sales, everything is a competition. Too many brands of a single item makes the competition stiffer than it already is. Now that more and more businesses venture into online marketing and selling, it is more challenging to actually thrive and last in the e-commerce industry. Each business has to strategize, think out of the box, hire pros, and just keep on brainstorming to arrive at catchy business solutions that can attract new patrons.

Oracle B2C allows any e-commerce store to incorporate cross selling and upselling to their website. They allow online stores to personalize their selling and merchandising systems, so as to match the items and services even more.


  • Non-technical marketing.Just because e-commerce transactions primarily happen online does not mean we have to just let go of traditional business systems. Conventional business strategies still stand out and work to this day. Despite the rise of high technology in marketing and business management, old business styles keep things in order.

Oracle uses hands-on control in e-commerce transactions, keeping track of its development not only using the computer. They still believe in traditional business tricks involving personal interaction, which allows first time ecommerce users to be more comfortable during their initial online transaction.


Apart from connecting with both businesses and customers, Oracle also holds experience management solutions as its pillar. With a firm belief in the value of shopping experience in the success of any online business, Oracle maintains its focus on making sure each transaction is free of stress and fuss.

  • Content creation and management. Oracle provides a great selection of rich content and related high resolution images relating to whatever it is that you sell on your online store. They also take care of its delivery, and make sure it provides a call to action that directs your market to actually purchase what the content promoted. This solution also ensures that you also sell the experience provided in your ecommerce store.
  • Real-time responsiveness.Your customers love shopping online because they value their time. That is a fact. Several researches have shown how majority of online shopping enthusiasts are busy people who enjoy shopping but do not have the luxury of time for malling. They see e-commerce transactions as easier options to look for items they need and purchase them without getting tired. Having a diverse line of products on their fingertips attracted them the most into purchasing online.


This puts much value in the experience management solution offered by Oracle. When you offer them a responsive team of people who provides real time solutions to their queries, they feel valued and appreciated.

The solutions offered by Oracle to enterprise e-commerce sites show how much they value their consumers. Their clients make their business, and knowing that puts their company in the right direction. Every feature they develop has a common goal, which is to provide the best online shopping experience to buyers and make them come back for more.

Their objective to please their clients obviously pay off, for they remain to be one of the most trusted enterprise e-commerce platform today.